I have never been a religious person, in fact if anything i have always been very anti-religion. As a young child I attended a Church of England School and we would often visit the local church which I found very peaceful but I could never accept the preaching of GOD being one man. I then carried the belief that god did not exist as in my heart and soul I knew there was not one man controlling the universe. The first day I entered Jarrow Spiritualist Church in 2008 I still held this belief although I had full respect for all those who held belief in their chosen religion. I found the prayers and the singing of hymns very uncomfortable however I knew in my heart that I had found where I was meant to be. That hole I had been trying to fill with education and the need to help others was finally full. Listening to the philosophy given in the spiritualist church Sunday services was always interesting but I still didn't embrace the religion as a whole. I had no interest in the philosophy side nor did I ever feel I could stand up and present a philosophy of my own before I demonstrated mediumship in the services I held, I always left that job to Barry. It wasn't until I was due to hold a service one Sunday that I couldn't shift these images from my head, it was Easter and all I could see was the image of Jesus spirit rising after he was crucified. Not having any belief this was very uncomfortable but it made me realise that this was documented proof that our spirit lives on. Although it was controversial to discuss another religion in a spiritualist church I felt the need to share this evidence with others. After all it was proof that our spirit lives on and very apt in spiritualism.

Some time after whilst in one of Ken's development circles I was enjoying one of his meditations and I experienced what I can only describe as Jesus throwing white flower petals over my head, it was very surreal. Afterwards I never told a sole it was a man who looked like Jesus, who would believe me, after all I didn't believe it myself. My time spent in Jarrow spiritualist was something I looked forward too every week, a Monday night became a night we would all look forward too, we sang songs everyone could relate too like 'Spirit in the Sky' and 'Joseph Technicolor Dream Coat'. The church was so full we had to pull more seats in and even younger generations began to enter the church. Unfortunately certain people in the church allowed their EGO to control their decisions and one day the committee entered as did the organ player with an energy I can only describe as controlled and egotistical. They went on to conduct the service as it was done on a Wednesday and instead of the joyful songs we were used to we had an out of tune organ and hymns no-one knew. I felt under attack throughout the whole service and couldn't even give a message. These people did not care for those who came for support, their only care was for themselves and their own EGO. When I left that day I cried for 2 days, I felt like I had lost the most important thing in my life. After mourning this loss I was still very hurt however I still wanted to make a difference. I knew there were people like me who were in need of help so I set up a weekly group in a local club ran by a beautiful lady Kim Collins, this was always voluntary. During this time I began to dream of a place people could visit which held no Ego or control, where the public could visit and feel at home.

 On January 13th 2014 I opened the doors to my dream, The Spiritual Well Being Centre (SWBC). After the awful experience with the church my dream to open my own place where people could go for help with both life and spiritual concerns became a reality. Amazingly unknown to myself the people who were to become part of the centers success had been gathering around me in preparation for what was to come. All of our beliefs/religion different however we all had experienced communication with spirit and we all believed the power of love and love for all things living. This to me was the most important aspect of all our lives as the Spiritual Well Being Centre had to be ran with love, not money, not ego, not hierarchy, only love. Yes we all have a family to feed and we need to pay the bills to keep the SWBC open but we are all equal and support each other.

On my first day working in the SWBC and the beautiful room I had created, my mediumship didn't work. I was beside myself, I believed spirit must have disapproved in me opening the SWBC therefore wouldn't work with me. Little did I know that the large figures in the corner of the room were new spirit guides. Spirit guides were hard for me to get my head round and i would say it was a few year of working in mediumship before I fully understood the role of a spirit guide, I am still learning today. Francine one of the girls in the centre explained they were Angels. Not being a believer and believing angels were humans on earth doing good I chuckled. These were large hooded shadows in each corner of the room, no wings not white, these were black figures. She was aware of my struggle with religion but seemed shocked by my response. Then these names popped in my head. Michael, Uriel and Aphrodite. I laughed saying i had lost the plot "Aphrodite was a Greek goddess", her reply was:

  • yes she's a goddess who was born when Cronos castrated his father Uranus a Greek god and cast the genitalia into the sea from where Aphrodite appeared amidst the resulting foam (aphros) 
  • Michael is an archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic teachings and shown to be a protector of all. 
  • Uriel is one of the archangels of post-Exilic Rabbinic tradition, and also of certain Christian traditions, the angel of death .

You could have picked me off the floor. Still struggling to believe I began my work and with everyday that past the energy grew stronger. It was far beyond my understanding but beautiful all the same. I have gone on to encounter what I believe to be Moses, Abraham, Joan of Arc, Hercules who is the sibling of Aphrodite, An Abbot for which I found was called this as head of a monastery, a gentleman who goes by the name Chi a god in Igbo mythology, A man by the name of Chan, which stands for friend. There are many more experiences and all of these influences have led me to believe that there is some truth in documented religion and beliefs. These were figures of their time in which people had faith or belief in. Some of which were very inspirational people who made a difference to many lives. Unfortunately any hierarchy breeds ego which is what has occurred throughout history and misuse of religion has created the opposite to what its about which is love for all living in the universe. It is very important we all have faith and belief in something and I believe its important we all believe in not what we are told but what we experience in life. From my experience so far:


We are all part of GOD, including animals, plants and all living organisms, god is merely the energy we are all part of. Our spirit is given a vehicle (Body) each time we have a lesson to learn in which we live on earth. I have experienced past lives through both spiritual experience and through clinical hypnotherapy so I strongly believe we live many lives to achieve our destiny.  We are born both good and evil and over our lives we have to learn from evil and good and take the right path by our own experience until we are finally pure beings and choose only good. When we have achieved this I believe we become part of god fully as in an angel or pure being to help others on their path to purity. We have to experience evil to become good as without this we could never fully understand what it is to be good. Some people take longer than others to grow but I believe even the most evil of beings will eventually become pure through there life's learning. 

My belief in achieving this is to always give your love to others, even those who don't at the time deserve it but most importantly love yourself and who you are. If there is something you don't like about yourself, change it. You have the power to change anything in your life, the barriers we face are only the barriers we create. Surround yourself with good people and distance yourself from those who cause u harm, especially those who take and don't give. These people will never learn unless you teach them they can't just take from the world, they also need to give back. The right energy exchange for anything in life is very important as those who don't receive equal back from what they invest will become poorly. I have also experienced this first hand. 

Most importantly know that life on the earth is not the beginning or the end for any of us, it is simply a small part of the journey. If a loved ones vehicle (body) breaks down or conks out know them the driver are still very much around us, they are just finished their part of this journey.

I do not believe in hell but i do believe that we experience hell when on earth, but this is all in aid of our spiritual growth. Those who are older higher spirits experience the most hell as they need to learn more horrific lessons to grow. Those who are young spirits are knocked off their feet from what seems to some people ridiculous, as these are minor events in their life however, because they are young they have not yet grown to with stand the harsher lessons ahead and these small blips are very real and very harsh to them. Do not ever judge from the outside as none of us know what each of us have faced in life. Believe me appearance and actions can hide a million troubles.

Therefore RESPECT others no matter their status and enjoy your life on earth. Life is for living. Spend 5 mins on a morning and spread your wings and fly as high as you can and release yourself from all sadness. Remember nobody deserves to be subjected to negative energy and that includes you.