The Beginning

As a child there are lots of stories of my encounters with spirit.
The most significant being the event which led to my mam leaving our home, subsequently moving house and never going back. It began with small events like the radio turning itself off and over, then one night my mam was kept awake all night with what she explains as xylophone music. As a 2 year old I had no idea or any fear and that same morning I asked my mam who the girl was playing the music thing on my bed last night. Looking back it would have been funny to be a fly on the wall as she grabbed our things and never went back.

Lets just say my mam doesn't talk about these episodes and now claims to be a sceptic.

My cousin Julie was telling me that when I was young my music on my jewellery box would play by itself and I used to tell my mam not to worry as it was just my friend and I would talk about my spirit friends all the time.

I don't recall any of this as I was only young but I do recall a lot more from when I was older, only I didn't realise this was my spirit friends, I just thought I was a bit of a freak to be honest.

I have always been frightened of the dark and again until I was older never really knew why. I would see the dark move and swirl around and feel things in my room and often have shadows hanging over the bed. Lets just say I spent most of my life under the bed covers begging them to go away.

I would often see people disappear in front of me which again I just put down to being a little mad or that my eyes were playing tricks on me, one specific occasion I remember very clearly as I was left feeling rather embarrassed.

As I walked around the freezer shop in Southwick I seen a man grab his chest and drop to the floor with what looked like a heart attack I dived forward to his rescue and in a blink of an eye I was on the floor and there was no one there. I was distraught and embarrassed as people in the shop were asking me if I was ok. I was training at university at the time to be a Radiographer. I had spent many a day travelling to university with my friend Victoria telling her things I couldn't have known and helping her through a horrific time in her life but this was the point I said to Victoria 'when we qualify will you come to the spiritualist church with me please so I can get some help'  this is when I decided maybe I wasn't crazy.

During this time my youngest daughter started talking about her shadow friends and over a period of 2 year we had some horrific nights with her. She would wake terror screaming her eyes open but no-one at home. I would often have to shock her back to the room by screaming at her and holding her tight. These were far and few between and her stories of her shadow friend Jo would grow daily. She would tell us about his poorly eyes and his glasses, how he walked with a limp as he had a poorly leg, how he would feed the birds and how she had met his wife and his girlfriend. We later realised Jo was my fathers, wife's granddad. He was shot in the leg in the war and would go to South Shields market place every morning to feed the birds, he was know as the local bird man. Her stories were amazing, she would explain how her friends came through the wall with butterflies and would leave with butterflies and if you look really close you could see all the colourful lights. She was also very spooky as she knew things that she could never know. Our dog was in pup and and Molly put her hands on her tummy and said 'mam its strange because Lilly has 8 babies but when I put my hands on this side she only has 5' Our response was it must be 5 Molly as little dogs like Lilly couldn't carry 8 babies. Sure enough she was right Lilly gave birth to 8 pups, this unknown and unfortunately we lost 3 overnight which left 5 living. So sure enough she was right, 8 pups but only 5 for this world.

Things got very serious and Molly wasn't sleeping so when my friend Tanya asked if I wanted to go to the local spiritualist church I jumped at the chance. As soon as I got there I felt at home, and as I explained about Molly they were brilliant. I was very scared that they couldn't turn what was happening off but they were very supportive. When they explained the only way I could help Molly was to put a bubble round her I laughed. It was the craziest thing I had ever heard. Unbeknown to myself this was the best advise I was ever given. White Light Protection changed my life and Molly's life.

After a couple of amazing years meeting amazing people especially Barry who helped me on my journey in and out of the church and Ken who's development circle not led by the church showed me a different side to helping people through mediumship development I walked away from the church.

Barry & Ken had an amazing way of making people laugh even when they were hurting inside and I still miss them today. Barry and I parted company when ego's within the church interfered in our relationship which is when I left the church and never went back. To me what I do is all about the people needing support in their life and loss, not the church or the people init. Ken after years of battling cancer finally left us but his memory still lives on in the development circle I hold weekly. I set up the circle a few months after I left the church to support people like me who thought they were crazy too and were experiencing spiritual activity. The circle is still ran in the same way Ken ran his circle and he visits us often to let me know how I'm doing.   

The rest I will tell another day!